How to Delete Skype IM/Chat History?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


How to Delete Skype IM/(audio/video)Chat History from your Skype account?

Skype and VoIP free calls user at many times indulge in Skype private IM or chatting with girlfriend, boy friend or an adult chat may be, generally as your PC or iPad, laptop could be a personal device so no problem if Skype is always in a login mode as your PC starts,

But think, if anyhow your wife/husband or kids accidently mess up or access your PC and go to already your LOGIN-ed Skype, what could happen? it would be a WAR, a rage and a havoc!

You will loose your trust, reputation and hence the mental peace, could be labelled as dishonest or such, so better do not do WRONG DEEDS ; ) or know somebody could spy your tablet or PC thus delete the Skype history and cookies forever, so you could never be digitally spied on,

Procedure to Delete Skype History and Cookies

Make this a habit > When you are login on your Skype account, go to the top at Skype toolbar > click on TOOLS > click on PRIVACY SETTINGS on left side bar > choose NO HISTORY > click on CLEAR HISTORY > than below it click on CLEAR SKYPE COOKIES > Go the end and click on SAVE.

You are done, you can do it after each private Skype session or whenever you like to do so, than you will be at relief, and nobody could read your Skype private IM or chat session,

If you want to make your chat saved than first save it at some place like Notepad, MS word or in the cloud before deleting the Skype chat session.