Lido Anthony Iacocca – the greatest manager of the XX century

Monday, November 14, 2011

Managing  work  and  organizations means to ensure that the organization‘s work gets done and to manage the overall organization. Managing people means communication with employees, motivating and leading them. It requires an understanding of interpersonal relations and group behavior.

Lido Anthony "Lee" Iacocca is an American businessman and a famous manager. He introduced many methods of  management  used  by  many  managers  around  the  world  at  present  time.  He  was  born  in  the  Allentown  city, Pennsylvania state, into the family of Italian immigrants. 

He started his work in the ?Ford? company as an engineer, but later on he changed his position and moved to the Marketing and Trade department where he revealed all his talents. One of his best ideas called ?56 for 56? was offering loans  on  cars  of  1956 model with  a  20% down  payment  and  monthly  payments  of  $56  during  three  years.  This campaign  brought  him  national  recognition. Thanks  to his  managerial talent,  he  was quickly promoted  and  got the position of Head of one of the Ford‘s department.

One  of  his  most  important  inventions  for  management  was  a  system  of  the  quarterly  reports.  He  forced  his
employees to make a reports about they work achievement every quarter. That stimulates employees to make some self-control and help manager to trace employee work achievement at all. Also, his another idea was to research, what do the customer need and make a production based on the customer needs, and not conversely.

Lee Iacocca always said that a good manager must be dash, and he always must make final decisions. He must have some intuition and use it in the process of decisions - making, but only when this intuition based on the facts.

In conclusion it  should be  mentioned, that Lee Iacocca is a good example of a good  manager. He succeeded in his work, because he was a hard working person. He always was able to devote his spare time to achieving goals in his work and he is a good example of how to become a real professional.

Image Credits to Ezarabotok