Lido Anthony Iacocca – the greatest manager of the XX century

Monday, November 14, 2011

Managing  work  and  organizations means to ensure that the organization‘s work gets done and to manage the overall organization. Managing people means communication with employees, motivating and leading them. It requires an understanding of interpersonal relations and group behavior.

Lido Anthony "Lee" Iacocca is an American businessman and a famous manager. He introduced many methods of  management  used  by  many  managers  around  the  world  at  present  time.  He  was  born  in  the  Allentown  city, Pennsylvania state, into the family of Italian immigrants. 

He started his work in the ?Ford? company as an engineer, but later on he changed his position and moved to the Marketing and Trade department where he revealed all his talents. One of his best ideas called ?56 for 56? was offering loans  on  cars  of  1956 model with  a  20% down  payment  and  monthly  payments  of  $56  during  three  years.  This campaign  brought  him  national  recognition. Thanks  to his  managerial talent,  he  was quickly promoted  and  got the position of Head of one of the Ford‘s department.

One  of  his  most  important  inventions  for  management  was  a  system  of  the  quarterly  reports.  He  forced  his
employees to make a reports about they work achievement every quarter. That stimulates employees to make some self-control and help manager to trace employee work achievement at all. Also, his another idea was to research, what do the customer need and make a production based on the customer needs, and not conversely.

Lee Iacocca always said that a good manager must be dash, and he always must make final decisions. He must have some intuition and use it in the process of decisions - making, but only when this intuition based on the facts.

In conclusion it  should be  mentioned, that Lee Iacocca is a good example of a good  manager. He succeeded in his work, because he was a hard working person. He always was able to devote his spare time to achieving goals in his work and he is a good example of how to become a real professional.

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How to Delete Skype IM/Chat History?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


How to Delete Skype IM/(audio/video)Chat History from your Skype account?

Skype and VoIP free calls user at many times indulge in Skype private IM or chatting with girlfriend, boy friend or an adult chat may be, generally as your PC or iPad, laptop could be a personal device so no problem if Skype is always in a login mode as your PC starts,

But think, if anyhow your wife/husband or kids accidently mess up or access your PC and go to already your LOGIN-ed Skype, what could happen? it would be a WAR, a rage and a havoc!

You will loose your trust, reputation and hence the mental peace, could be labelled as dishonest or such, so better do not do WRONG DEEDS ; ) or know somebody could spy your tablet or PC thus delete the Skype history and cookies forever, so you could never be digitally spied on,

Procedure to Delete Skype History and Cookies

Make this a habit > When you are login on your Skype account, go to the top at Skype toolbar > click on TOOLS > click on PRIVACY SETTINGS on left side bar > choose NO HISTORY > click on CLEAR HISTORY > than below it click on CLEAR SKYPE COOKIES > Go the end and click on SAVE.

You are done, you can do it after each private Skype session or whenever you like to do so, than you will be at relief, and nobody could read your Skype private IM or chat session,

If you want to make your chat saved than first save it at some place like Notepad, MS word or in the cloud before deleting the Skype chat session.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SEO Techniques For Wordpress Blogs

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's a lot of amazing SEO power built into WordPress. Unfortunately it doesn't all come by default, and you might not know what's best when it comes to templates and options.

This simple, easy to follow article will outline many WordPress SEO tips which people often forget to implement (even the most famous bloggers), or haven't yet arrived at for some reason or another.

If you want to see your wordpress site show up in the search engine results you are going to have to do a little on page search engine optimization.

Quick Facts

* There are 55 million blogs out there, if you don't stand out you will have no chance.

* The first second of a visitors attention is the most crucial.

* Your main traffic should come to articles and posts inside your blog, not the home page.

* Search engine rankings relies heavily upon the quality and quantity of links to your blog when they determine the ranking.

* The best way to get links is by natural recommendations from other bloggers or web site owners.

All in One Seo Plugin

This SEO plugin is designed to give you the best options out of the box, however depending on your situation your mileage may vary, and no set of options is perfect for every site. If you only use one plugin on your wordpress site,make it this one. This one little plugin will help your site be Google friendly, and you don't even really need to know what you are doing.

In the setting area of the plugin make sure you put your site title in, making sure your keywords are in the title.

Add 5 keywords in the meta area, that are related to your site. Do some good keyword research before you start and you will be driving traffic in no time.

Add a Footer Link

If you go to the design - theme editor area you will see a place to edit your footer area. Make sure you put a link in the footer. This link should have keyword anchor text as the clickable part of your link.

A footer link will give you an anchor text link from each and every page of your site, including all tag pages, posts and pages. As your site grows that will be a lot of links.

Keywords In Title

When you are naming your website it's fun to be cute or tongue in cheek, but if you are trying to drive traffic to your site it's best to use your keyword in your title.

You can add words before or after your keyword to make the title make more sense, but get the title in there.

The title of your site will be what people see in the search engine results. It also shows up in the top blue header in google. It's one of the most important things the search engines look for when providing targeted results to a searcher.

Change Permalinks

This is one I see a lot of people, not only beginners, forgetting to do. A permalink is the link to a specific post or page that people can use to go directly to that particular page of your site.

The default permalink structure will not help your SEO efforts at all. You want to customize your permalink structure to show your post title after the title of your blog.

Just go to your wordpress admin area. Under settings you will see a permalinks area. At the bottom of the list you will see a place to check custom. Click that and then in the area provided type /%postname%/ this will get your keywords for each and every post in your permalink. Just make sure you are using keyword in your post titles.

There you have it quick SEO tips to increase your onpage optimization. They shouldn't take but a minute to do, but you will notice a big difference once it's done.

Wordpress SEO - Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendl

As I dicussed in my previous post SEO for Wordpress in my old post, I'll tell you some more ways to make your blog search engine friendly so that it can get on top of Google. The things which I will tell you now are simple and easy to follow and if you are lost somewhere just ask and I will be here to help you out. As I told you to do some changes in your theme files and add meta tags or install All in one Seo Pack. Now I ll give you some more tips that will help you blog for sure. Lets start...

1.Permalinks: Now for those who are new to blogging and don't know what permalinks are, here is a quick information about what permalinks are. A permalink is a URL that points to a specific blog or forum entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives.

2. Change the page title as well to improve the readability of you blog posts. Page title is the thing used by search engine to link your pages so chose a proper page title.

3. Google Sitemap : Google Sitemap allows webmasters and site owners to feed it pages they'd like to be included in Google's web index. So create a sitemap and submit it to google via webmaster tools. If you don't know how to make a sitemap, just install Google Sitemap Generator Plugin or visit XML-Sitemaps to create your google sitemap. Ever wonder why sitemap is so important. There are two reasons for that

* Newly updated content will be crawled by Googlebots very quickly

* Improves search engine visibility as it will be able to go through all the pages you have created

4. The Last step is the submission to different blog directories. Submit your site to different blog directories and article submission site which I also mention in one of my posts regarding Link Building. It just builds your backlinks and your page appears higher in search engines as I mentioned in my other post as well.

Wordpress Google SEO - Wordpress SEO For Achieving Top Google Rankings

If you've been around the internet marketing scene for even a short time, you should have heard that well optimized blogs tend to achieve better, faster rankings in Google than regular sites. The question remains, how to optimize your blog for Google.

The best blogging platform out there is definitely Wordpress. It's free, easy to install and Google loves it. Here's how to optimize your Wordpress blog for top Google rankings:

Step1. Keyword Research

Without proper keyword research you stand with a very small chance of ranking high in just about any decent search engine. That is why, developing a list with keywords is an absolute must. The best free tool you can use is Google's own keyword research tool.

When doing keyword research you must take into consideration the following aspects:

- Number of monthly searches
- Number of optimized sites for that keyword

Make a list with keywords that receive decent traffic - between 500 and 1000 searches a month - and have between 0 and 20.000 optimized sites for a particular keyword. To find out how many optimized sites any keyword has, just do a Google search for it but in quotes.

Step2. Customize Wordpress blog for Google SEO

First thing you need to do is login to your dashboard, go to Settings->Permalinks and change the default structure. Click on the "Custom" radio button and insert /%postname%/ in the box. What this does, is change the default structure of a post. So instead of your post link that looked your post will look like The second one is of course much better for SEO purposes.

Next thing you need to do is install the "All in one SEO pack". Do a search for it on Google and you'll find it. Upload it to your site's Plugins folder and activated from the dashboard. It has helped me a lot with ranking high in Google with Wordpress blogs. For more details on what the plugin does you should read more on their site.

One last thing is required to complete this step. Make sure you go to Settings -> Writing and update the ping list so that every time you make a new post, the blogging services are notified.

Step3. Write quality content regularly

As you should know, Google loves freshly written keyword rich content. Write posts on a regular basis and use your main keywords a few times in each post. Wordpress automatically pings your site after every post, so make sure you do it regularly.

Do these steps, combined with regular SEO optimizing and your Wordpress blogs will enjoy top rankings and quality targeted traffic.